There comes a point when we all actually think of doing something to contribute towards making our planet a better place to live in. But again, the complexity of these things makes us put this thought in the backseat. So we thought why not come up with some simple, yet effective green living ideas to help you do your bit, without a lot of effort! Read on:

Conserve water:

Well, it’s best if you use a bucket instead of a shower. But if you love your shower and can’t get rid of it, here’s what you can do – install a low-flow shower. This will control the water flow of your shower and reduce wastage.
You could also consider reducing your shower time. Even cutting it down by 5 minutes can make a lot of difference!
Also, if any taps or pipes are leaking, ensure you get them fixed them immediately to avoid unnecessary wastage of water. Remember, each drop counts!

Borrow, lend and share:

You could save a number of trees if you choose to borrow books instead of buying them! This will save tonnes of paper that are required to print these books and also your money!
You can even think of collaborating with your neighbours and share tools, appliances as and when anyone requires them. This way, you’ll also get to know your neighbours better!

Walk when you can:

You’ll cut down your fuel consumption by a considerable margin. This will help you save money and conserve resources too. Also, walking keeps you fit. Try and walk whenever you can. You can even think of investing in a bicycle for short distance commute if you’re not fond of walking.


Recycle, reuse:

Whatever you can try to recycle it. Instead of throwing away empty jars and bottles, you can use them to store grains and other eatables too. This minimises waste and helps you systematically store all your stuff.

Go online:

Make it appoint to opt for online statements and save a massive amount of paper that goes into printing these statements for people all around the world. While choosing for online statements, you should also try to convince others to do so too. There are numerous right usages of the internet, and this is one of them. You can even decline slips that the ATM generates during each transaction too. This too helps a lot.

These simple tips have an impact which you probably cannot even imagine. You may think that your small actions may not have any effect, but it’s always better than doing something rather than nothing. Do your bit, and don’t think of the gravity of the impact. Do it because you’re a responsible citizen of planet earth.