When decorating our home, we must take into account the different styles we can use to customize our spaces and choose the one that best suits our tastes and needs.

Here are the main interior design styles:

Contemporary interior design

Modern designs based on simplicity, smooth surfaces, well-defined and clean lines, with priority for comfort and spacious and orderly spaces. The predominant colors are neutral such as white, cream, brown or grey. We can find stainless steel, chrome, nickel, light and dark wood furniture, leather, silk, velvet, and linen.

Runway lighting and floor lamps are its hallmarks. Look for an excellent contemporary interior design company for professional advice.

Nordic interior design

Its origin is in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. It is a trendy style all over the world, simple, functional and comfortable. It uses white and bone, grey, and beige, light and dark wood, leather, furs and decoration with plastic plants of minimalist style. It attaches great importance to eliminate everything that is not used regarding furniture and accessories.

There is an abundance of classic and modern paintings, portraits and pieces of art. Natural light is critical, as are curtains, carpets and wool blankets in bright colors. Look for your Nordic interior design company and decorate your home.

Avant-garde interior design

Avant garde interior

This is a style that blends comfort, modernity, and technology with spacious, bright spaces and simple lines. Lighting and color are fundamental. Aluminum, steel, PVC, and wood are used. Cushions, carpets, and blankets, pictures, large lamps, and mirrors are commonly used in decoration. If you like this style now, it is up to you to choose the best avant-garde interior design company.

Vintage industrial interior design

A style that emerged in the 1950s in the United States when people decided to use factories and warehouses on the periphery as housing. It has a lot to do with loft aesthetics and large, bright spaces predominate. Pipes and bricks are exposed and iron, steel, and wood are used with little delicacy.

The furniture mixes vintage and neo-rustic styles and the kitchen also combine with stainless steel. Retro design in bathrooms with old faucets and exposed pipes. Check out the industrial vintage interior design company that best fits you.

Natural interior design

Reproduces the aesthetics of natural elements in your home, as if you had a cabin facing a lake or a mountain. The colors used are ochre, white and earth with natural wood floors. The architecture is clean, with simple lines and unfinished wood furniture and many knots. Look for the best natural interior design company to help you with your decoration.

Luxury interior design

Luxury Interior

Pure luxury. Structures, spaces, and stately forms. Great heights and dimensions. Use of fireplaces, moldings, and rosettes. Use of noble materials, silky textiles, solid woods, and natural stones. Finished with reflections and brightness, natural light in abundance, large windows, windows, and doors, along with good communication between interior and exterior.

As far as decoration is concerned, chandeliers, baroque style mirrors and other classic elements are used to enhance the sensation of luxury in each room. Some luxury interior design company can give you the guidelines to decorate with this style.